What equipment are you using?
FTM I prefer to work ITB; I do intend to build a "home studio" at some point, but it's so convenient to go digital these days :) My hardware setup consists of: M-Audio Venom, Korg MicroX & Kaossilator, Novation XioSynth, and Yamaha RM1x (looking for a cheap DX200 in good condition, btw), but my main setup is based on freeware VST instruments: Dune BE (Synapse Audio), Oatmeal (Fuzzpilz), Kairatune (Futucraft), Rapture & Z3ta+ (Cakewalk), Aalto Solo (Madrona Labs), Alchemy Player (Camel Audio), SynthMaster Free & SynthMaster Player Free (KV331), Arc5-J Path (Archetype Instruments), Pure-Pone (TubeOhm), Curve 2 BE (Cableguys), Firebird+ (Tone2), Genesis (Ummet Ozcan), Zebralette, Zebra CM, Podolski & TripleCheese (U-He), UniretroPro (Minisoftmusik), TAL NoiseMaker (TAL-Togu Audio Line), Rez 2 (Ugo), Strum (VST Zone) and native FL Studio synths (Sytrus, Harmor and PoiZone). My DAWs of choice are FL Studio 11 & Adobe Audition 3.

Do you take commisions: remixes, production, song writing, etc?
Sorry, but NO. I do this as a hobby and for the sake of experimenting with music software; I write songs exclusively for my projects; I am not a DJ, remixer, whatever, nor am I interested in that kind of work - I have nothing but respect for the guys doing it, but it's not my thing.

Would you make an audio demo for my plugin?
Yes, but ONLY IF: your plugin is a synth, completely freeware (no demo, cut-down version of a commercial product, donationware, etc), finished (no alpha / beta versions please), fairly bug-free (can't recommend a buggy plugin, right) and has a decent number of factory presets. Please get in touch for details.

How about a skin for my plugin?
I am not a professional digital graphic designer. All the skins (GUI) that I've created so far were DIY projects. That aside, if your plugin is skinnable or if you can provide a template, sure, why not. Please get in touch for details.

Why is Telurica unsigned? Why not working with a label?
There are several reasons for choosing self management: first of all, I don't perform live so a label would be needed only for distribution & promotion - which I can do on my own; second, my past experience with various "labels" taught me it's best to stay away from those vultures - they're not willing to invest in an album anymore, don't pay revenues & they don't give a damn about their artists. Third, because I believe in people's right to free access to culture so I've decided to give all my music for free - no money to be made, zero interest from labels :) Last, but certainly not least: because I don't like complicated things and "the middle man" does just that.

How about compilations, non profit releases, etc?
Any producer / label / radio show / magazine can contact & inform me about their projects. As long as the product is not a commercial release (as in "not sold for money") and won't cost me a "participating fee" (horrible practice, btw), I am open for discussion. I do favor the independent Underground promoters & supporters so I'd be more inclined to take part in a project the Underground music community would benefit from.

How do you feel about social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, etc? Are you interested in exchanging links and stuff?
Telurica exists only ITB, so how can I deny the advantages offered by these environments? :) I have nothing against such websites & services, the more, the merrier; HOWEVER I strongly dislike the people that mass message everyone begging for likes just to have something to brag about to their friends. To me those numbers are just...numbers. I don't care if you have 10 likes or 1 million - if you can't spare a few minutes to listen to my music and message me, then I'm not interested in your top songs either. Have a cup of tea or coffee, listen to a few Telurica songs, give some feedback and then feel free to contact me; I like the folks that can write more than just "cool" or "dope" followed by "please vote for me" :) We can become friends on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, MySpace, ReverbNation, Youtube and I can also add a link on this website. Get in touch - only if you feel like :)

I have a radio show / podcast / webzine / etc and I'd like to interview you or write a review. I need more about a contact address?
All Telurica albums are available for download in the "Download" section (mp3; 320 kbps). There's a Press Kit (format: PDF) available in the "Media Room" section that covers Telurica's activity fairly well. For any additional info, feel free to contact me at the following address: (please specify why you're contacting me in the title in order to avoid your message ending up in the Spam folder by accident). I will also upload your work on this website & promote it through the other Telurica channels. Thanks in advance :)

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