08.08.2014  Dear friends, it's time to wrap up the "Synth Demo Sessions 2" - and what better way than honouring once more the relaunch of Mark Henning's "ANAMARK PRO" with a tasty, summery audio demo? This 'oldie' is very skilled at delivering aggressive distorted bass sounds and fx. It can easily get out of hand and yes, it can get glitchy (depending on your DAW), but on the other hand, it can still keep up the pace and if guided properly, it can land some nasty sonic bombs :) Please have a listen and enjoy it in all its 27 instances glory :) Also "Synth Demo Sessions 2" will be soon available for free download - stay tuned for more info.

25.07.2014  People say "strike while the iron is hot" - right? Well that's exactly what I did and just a few days later, here's a(nother) brand new skin :) This time it's for KV331 Audio's "SynthMaster Player FREE". Much to my surprise, I've used this synth (well, player) a lot in my latest works so building a new "coat" for a go to plugin felt natural :) Anyway, here it is - as usual, available for free download: HERE. Enjoy ;)

20.07.2014  A classic commercial synth, AnaMark Pro (by Mark Henning) has been recently set free. To celebrate its relaunch, I've decided to create a new skin for it (pictured below). Available for free download here: HERE. Maybe you'll find it useful ;) Oh, btw, the synth is available HERE.

12.05.2014  Another audio demo was just uploaded on Soundcloud! "GREYHOUND" was released by Acquit Music and used to be commercial. But (probably) since the company went belly-up years ago, the synth is now freeware The good thing about it is that it's very, very light on CPU - uncommon for a SE plugin - and comes fully loaded (2 banks of rather nice sounding presets). Well, have a listen and see for yourself what this oldie can still do!

01.05.2014  A new audio demo for "ABSTRACTOR" VST synth is waiting for you on Soundcloud :) The plugin is created by Christoph Bielen, one of the people behind MINISOFTMUZIK (RIP) - creators of the awesome Uniretro Pro (among other cool synths). As expected, "ABSTRACTOR" is proudly carrying its legacy forward and there's plenty of sonic power under its hood for sure. Please have a listen & enjoy!

22.04.2014  A new audio demo for "VALO" by Signaldust has just been uploaded on Soundcloud. It's cheerful like a spring day & colourful like an Easter egg (not) :) Please have a listen and hear for yourself what the synth is capable of!

15.04.2014  On with the 5th audio demo: it's Zampler time! Telurica presents: "ZAMPLER-RX" by Beat Magazine (Germany) - the freeware magware :) I know, "say what?", right? Well, although the synth comes with every issue of Beat, it's also available for free on www.zampler.de, along with a good number of banks (and more are regularly released even for non subscribers). Worth mentioning: the plugin was built by Synapse Audio so it's probably based on the same code as "Dune" (which means Zampler has the same sound clarity and creamy sonic flavour). In addition to that, it can read sfz and rex files, so it's a very versatile instrument & player. In addition to that, a lot of Zampler banks are the result of sampling various modern hardware units, so you get some unique sounding presets :) Please check out the audio demo :) Enjoy!

09.04.2014  The 4th audio demo for "Synth Demo Sessions 2" - created with "VOYAGER" by Arguru Software - is now available on Soundcloud. It's a humble homage to one of the best freeware synths (and one of my favs as well) to date and showcases its wild side: the song is based on bold, glitchy (and often heavily distorted) sounds. Happy listening!

06.04.2014  Well I felt inspired during this weekend and as a result I would like to share with you 15 additional brand new skins for "BLUE ARP" :) New download link (the old one was deleted) that includes all the skins (20 in total): DOWNLOAD. I hope you like them & enjoy!

04.04.2014  Today's special: 5 freshly baked skins for Oleg Mikheev's mighty "BLUE ARP" - the best freeware arpeggiator & step sequencer. The skins are available for download here. The archive also contains GUI previews and install notes. "BLUE ARP" is available for download here! Support the freeware software creators & respect their work!

28.03.2014  In with the 3rd audio demo: it's time to meet "ILOSYNTH" (by ILOYD). As usual, the track is a true test of endurance and if you push the volume too loud, your ears will suffer the consequence 'cause this little song is packed with aggressive and piercing sounds. Have a listen & enjoy :)

21.03.2014  The second audio demo features "WASPY LE" synth by Sound-Record. Head crushing basses, ear piercing leads and a whole array of aggressivel sounds - Waspy got 'em all. But its true sonic power comes from its pattern based arp - once you hit the "on" button, hell comes out screaming from your speakers... Only raw stock presets used (except for drums), no external effects, no processing (except for a simple brick limiter applied on the master track). The audio demo is available on Soundcloud! Support the freeware software creators & respect their work!

13.03.2014  Telurica's "Synth Demo Sessions" project continues! The first audio demo of 2014 showcases "KRUUDSTER", a hybrid synth created by Xenobioz. The rules remain the same: only raw stock presets used (except for drums), no external effects, no processing (except for a simple brick limiter applied on the master track). The audio demo is available on Soundcloud and is also featured on the developer's website (kudos, Sami). Btw, KRUUDSTER has just been updated (new extra sound bank, small optimizations and tweaks) so download it & have fun! And remember: support the freeware software creators!

17.02.2014  Telurica's entry for KVR's "OSC 60 - Any One Synth" is: Mechanos. The synth of choice was HYDI 2, a very under the radar behemoth - seriously, this has it all: from effects to formant filters, sequencer and more. A demo for this new version of HYDI was long overdue, so this OSC provided the perfect opportunity to deliver an audio demo that would do this synth justice. Andrew has done a tremendously good job and deserves more recognition. This one is for you, bro!

23.12.2013  Dear friends, 2013 proved to be a truly outstanding year for Telurica - probably the most fruitful to date!

Now, while Christmas is knocking at our door and the New Year is just around the corner it's time to grab a cup of hot chocolate and contemplate the highlights of this year:

  • In January, "We Are Here", a very special new Telurica album - marking ten years of existence - was released.
  • Midyear, a 2nd album, entitled "Demo Synth Sessions", was released. It contains all the audio demos created by Telurica in 2013 for various under the radar VST synths. The difference between this and other similar products is that no additional effects nor processing were applied to the recorded material, everything was kept raw and true to the real sound of the instruments.
  • Telurica has become a regular of the KVR Audio's "OSC" (One Synth Challenge) monthly competition, with good results; 6 entries, available on Soundcloud.
  • Telurica has also created a song for a competition held by Music-Society. The song is called "Nostalgia II" (an ark through time straight to the first album of the band that closes with the original "Nostalgia" track); the song was built entirely with M-S plugins.
  • During this year Telurica has created several skins (GUI) for VST instruments - namely: "Voyager" (Arguru Software), "The Grey Apparatus 2" (Creatorum Genius Lab) and "Zebralette" (U-He). The latest is now featured on U-He's website!
  • The official Telurica website was completely redesigned and relocated to a new address: telurica.eu5.org.
  • New Telurica Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter pages were created.
  • The old MySpace and YouTube pages were completely redesigned and updated.
Believe it or not, that is not all: the entire working setup was changed to freeware only!

As you can see Telurica was on fire this year! And rest assured, it enters 2014 in full throttle! Future plans include a new studio album as well as a second audio demo album, OSC entries, and many more!

All this being said, Telurica would like to say a big THANK YOU to all friends and collaborators & wishes you MERRY HOLIDAYS! See you in 2014!

04.12.2013  Telurica presents: a DIY home baked skin for U-HE's "Zebralette" synth!

Please visit the Download section for the download link, use it at your own risk, enjoy :)

EDIT: Now there's also a blue version available; minor tweaks to both GUIs were performed; the old download link is not functional anymore, but a new pack including both skins and install notes was uploaded; please visit the Download section for the new download link.

21.11.2013  Telurica has submitted a song for KVR's "OSC 57" competition: "Or-Kha". The track was created entirely with "Tunefish" synth (by Brain Control). The song is dedicated to Christian Loos (payne), creator of Tunefish, for his outstanding dedication & support to this synth & its users. As usual, please have a listen and if you have a KVR account, please vote :)

20.11.2013  Telurica presents: "Voyager" Skins V2. Please visit the "DOWNLOAD" section for the download link. This is the final version (no future updates). Enjoy :)

11.10.2013  Telurica has submitted a song for KVR's "OSC Special: CM" competition: "Jungle Green". The synth of choice was "Junglist" by Synapse Audio. As usual, please have a listen and if you have a KVR account, please vote for it - support is much appreciated :)

05.09.2013  "Synth Demo Sessions" is now available for free download!

10 tracks showcasing various under the radar VST synths. Audio demos in song format. Only unprocessed sounds - preserving the actual character of the instruments. Detailed info included (PDF format). Download link available in the "DOWNLOAD" section.

05.09.2013  GUI greating mood continues :) This time 5 skins for Creatorum Genius Lab's synth, "THE GREY APPARATUS 2":

It was released just a few days ago, but the looks are horrendous even for a colourblind viewer :) In goes Telurica and (kind of) saves the day :) These skins are still full of bright colours, but they even the GUI a bit (and tbh that is not easy when you have to work with default brown, purple and steel blue, misalignments, an overlapping master volume knob, etc).

Please visit the "DOWNLOAD" section of this website for the download link (the skins within the RAR archive are in PNG format - just copy/paste them in the synth's "SKINS" folder and use the "S" knob to replace the default skin).

Have fun & enjoy :)

28.08.2013  Telurica would like to share with you 3 freshly created skins for Arguru Software's legendary synth, "VOYAGER":

For the folks who prefer the classic GUI look (or can't use the Limeflavour skin for whatever reason) with a bit of colour splash on :) Unfortunately it's not possible to go deeper than this without altering the code because some settings come directly from the program's code (frames, text background display, etc) and they overlap the bitmaps.

Please visit the "DOWNLOAD" section of this website for the download link (the skins are in .dll format - just copy/paste any of them in your plugins folder, perform a plugin rescan in your DAW and use it).

Have fun & may them serve you well :)

15.07.2013  TELURICA submitted a song for KVR's "One Synth Challenge" no. 54 (focused on the XILS 3 BE synth by Xils Lab), called "Kaleidoscope"; please give it a spin and support - your vote matters!

09.06.2013  A new song is available on Soundcloud: "Nostalgia II"! It was created exclusively for "Music Society Wettstreit" (June-July 2013) and it's a very basic, yet emotional ambient piece with 2 themes and subtle background changes - 10 years apart from its sister track that ends Telurica's debut album, "Anthems of Desolation".

Telurica has also submitted tracks for KVR's "OSC" competition, so if you are a KVR member, please listen to the following songs & vote: "idfpower - Poddity" ("OSC52"-voting ends: June the 15th) and "idfpower - Binary Code" ("OSC53"-voting ends: July the 15th). Thank you!

05.06.2013  Hey folks, this is it: the last song created for TELURICA's "Synth Demo Sessions" project! To end it in style, the track features a brand new synth with a very poetic name: "A WINDOW TO EUROPE" - by Creatorum Genius Lab. Have a listen & get ready to dance!

29.05.2013  One down, one to go! Today's audio demo features RETRONIX, a synth created by a well-known name in the field of VST instruments: Angular Momentum VST. Packed with contemporary sounds, an easy on the eye GUI and most important, an extremely moderate CPU appetite, this synth provides hours and hours of creative fun. Give it a spin!

22.05.2013  The "Synth Demo Sessions" will soon end, but before that, there are still a couple of interesting demos to share :) This week we'd like to introduce you to one little nasty & aggressive sounding synth: STELSI. It was created exclusively for the Ukrainian electro pioneers Stelsi and it's packed with in your face presets. Enjoy!

15.05.2013  It's demo time! Yes, again :) The star of this week is TS-SUBSTANCE, by Tactile Sounds. Please have a listen!

08.05.2013  The "Synth Demo Sessions" project continues with a new audio demo! It's HAHAHA CS33 V2 time! This new version of Pethu's synth comes with a whole bunch of upgrades (better stability, redesigned GUI, etc). The downside is that the 3rd party preset banks created for the original version can't be used with this one...yet. Still, a lovely synth that can find its way into your future music production :) Please have a listen!

27.04.2013  Since next week will be a national holiday (due to the 1st of May celebrations) I decided to upload the next audio demo earlier. This round is dedicated to HG Fortune's newest creation, "ASTRAL DREAMER" (FREE), a synth perfectly tailored for ambient, experimental and spacey music. Since it's an ambient track, it takes a bit to build-up so please have a bit of patience :) Listen & enjoy!

23.04.2013  The "Synth Demo Sessions" project continues today with a new audio demo! This time it's for ULTRASONIQUE VST synth. Have a listen!

16.04.2013  Telurica presents: "Synth Demo Sessions - Give & Take".

This initiative is based on a simple philosophy: today musicians have a huge array of free virtual instruments & tools at their disposal thanks to the creators of free music software (especially VSTi instruments). We are not bound to commercial products anymore, we can create & record music on our home PC at no costs. So what can we do to return the favour? Well, supporting the products we use and their creators, in any way we can, of course!

In Telurica's case, the support campaign started with the little audio demo for "HYdi", and continues today with the "T-FORCE ALPHA PLUS" demo. The synth is created by MASTRCODE MUSIC and is currently available for free. Check it out!

13.04.2013  A new Telurica audio demo for U.F.O. 2 VST synth was uploaded today on Soundcloud. The synth is created by VST ZONE and is currently available for free. Check it out!

07.02.2013  The esteemed Electroblog.ro posted the 1st review of "We Are Here" (in Romanian): here. Kudos to Mr. Septimiu Moldovan for the kind words & support, much appreciated :)

23.01.2013  Now you can find Telurica on Bandcamp and fully preview the new album, "We Are Here": http://telurica.bandcamp.com/.

01.01.2013  10 years ago, Telurica launched its 1st album, "Anthems of Desolation". Since then this project went from childhood to adulthood and now the time has come to celebrate a decade of Underground activity in style, with a brand new album!

"We Are Here" raises the bar to a whole new level; it's complex, diverse and electronic to the bone - it has a retro vibe to it (some synth lines will bring you back to the wonderful electro of the '80s), but in the same time it injects a hefty dose of nanotech juice that will shake you up more than a Quickening!

The album was released only in electronic format (mp3) and is available for free download in the "Download" section (alongside all previous Telurica releases). Download, listen, enjoy & spread the word to your friends - any help in promoting this album is greately appreciated!

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